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npm install @tiptap/extension-ordered-list@2.0.0-beta.27 SourceRank 12. Dependencies 0 Dependent packages 1 Dependent repositories 0 Total releases 40 Latest release Dec 22,.

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Iframe, TextAlign, Indent, LineHeight, FormatClear, TextColor, TextHighlight, Preview, Print, Fullscreen, SelectAll, FontType, FontSize, CodeView https://github.com/Leecason/element-tiptap/tree/master/src/utils Global drag handle General block dragging feature #323 (comment).

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(or any other number followed by a dot) at the beginning of a new line and it will magically transform to a ordered list. #Installation npm install @tiptap/extension-ordered-list @tiptap/extension-list-item. This extension requires the ListItem node. #Settings #HTMLAttributes. Custom HTML attributes that should be added to the rendered HTML tag.

Add @tiptap/extension-bullet-list (org.webjars.npm:tiptap__extension-bullet-list) artifact dependency to Maven & Gradle [Java] - Latest & All Versions MavenLibs Search.

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